What is Calybra?

Calybra is the innovative weighing system designed specifically to meet the needs of laboratories of confectionery and gelato craft. It allows the precise measurement of the ingredients, ensuring the constant quality of the recipes.

The possible change can be made by operators, if authorized by a secret code. Calybra may also be used by a less qualified personnel thanks to a simple and intuitive video inteface.

With Calybra you can do almost everything: from the weighing of the ingredients to the packaging and the related labeling of the final product.

What can Calybra do?

  • Manage ingredients, recipes and users
  • Manage the preparation log
  • Provide detailed production statistics and printouts
  • Ability to suspend and resume recipes
  • Recalculation function that allows you to recalibrate the recipe based on the additional product poured
  • Calculate the balance parameters and nutritional values
  • Production notes (stages of preparation and recipes description)
  • Step-by-step weighing
  • Packaging of the final product
  • Printing of labels with list of ingredients and nutrional values according to current European regulations ​​(optional – label printer)
  • Immediate printing of transport documents, customer orders, receipts and bills (optional – thermal paper printer)

Ingredients, recipes and users

Thanks to Calybra software it is finally possible to manage ingredients, recipes and users directly from the scale. About users, you can choose various access levels and hide any recipes from users with a lower access level in order to preserve secrecy.

Preparation log

Consulting the history of the preparations made has never been easier. With the Preparation Log function you can have all the past preparations in a single screen and directly consult the user who made the preparation, the production date, the total weight of the finished product and the name of the recipe used directly from the scale.

Precise dosage of the ingredients

The possibility of making a precise dosage of the ingredients ensures the quality of the recipes in the long term and the saving of raw materials. Calybra optimizes preparation times, allows you to store recipes, allowing innovation keeping tradition intact. For these reasons, the Calybra scale can also be used by less qualified personnel who are guided by the simple and intuitive interface.

Recalculation of ingredients

During the weighing of the ingredients it is possible to use the recalculation function and the dosages of the ingredients will be recalculated based on the weighed quantity of the overdosed ingredient. It may suspend and resume recipes and recalculate a recipe starting from any ingredient. This function can also be used to calibrate a recipe based on the remaining ingredients.

Production notes

Within the various recipes and preparations it is possible to insert notes to specify the various stages of production, instructions about the preparation of the recipe or about the usage of ingredients.

Product labeling

The labeling function is also available with the Calybra software. The labeling function allows you to print customizable labels relating to products. It will be possible to print the table with nutritional values, product price, weight, logo and company details.

Etichetta Calybra Lebel

Packaging of the final product

Calybra will follow you throughout the production process and also at the end when it comes to packaging your product in order to present it in the best possible way to the market.