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We provide cutting-edge software solutions to transform your company, with efficient management and organization, reliable weighing systems, and Cloud technologies for the pastry and ice cream sector.

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Introducing the Calybra System

It is the most advanced weighing and production management system , designed for the food industry (ice cream, confecionary, gastronomy andwhite art).

What does the Calybra System do?

  • Stores and manage recipes
  • Automatically manages traceability
  • Produces legally compliant labels in a few steps
  • Manages production, purchasing, sales and warehouse

The timeline

The processes of the Calybra System

Discover Calybra

Calybra is more than just a scale

Calybra it’s the scale designed for artisanal pastry and ice cream shops. With its sophisticated and intuitive integrated software, you can manage your lab with precision, speed, completeness and safety, optimizing space and production time of your products.

Weighing – Dosing – Management

The weighing system

With Calybra’s weighing system, you will have support in all stages of the process and preparation, from managing ingredients to packaging and labeling the finished product

The Calybra Management System

The Calybra Box Management System


You can easily and conveniently share and add new recipes using your smartphone, tablet, or PC


It keeps track of the entire supply chain immediately and automatically; You can quickly carry out product recalls with ease


It allows you to manage raw materials in your lab and performs all warehouse movements automatically

Calybra bakery

Weigh and distribute your bread

It is the ideal solution for quickly and easily weighing and distributing your bread.

Additionally, Calybra Bakery automatically creates production orders to be sent to workstations for the creation of products, and real-time transport documents will be generated for each destination.

Calybra label

Dynamic Labeling

Print adhesive labels with all the information regarding the product, lot, and production.

Incentives and benefits

Don’t miss out on the benefits of Industry 4.0 transition

IIn collaboration with the Technology Hub of Pordenone, Naonix has joined the “Industry 4.0 Transition” project to offer companies the opportunity to receive the aforementioned tax credit, encouraging investments in new instrumental, material, and immaterial assets.

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