calybra label

Main printer for all product, batch, production labels and similar.
Prints sticky labels with all the information that you consider important and complete according to current legislation such as:
– List of ingredients
– List of allergens
– Nutritional table
– Batch (serial number, production date, expiry date, storage location, etc.)
– Company trademark
– Barcode or QR code

Label printer mod. Rt230 300 dpi

Printer dimensions

136 x 254 x175 mm

Printing width

max. 56.9 mm (60 mm labels)

Printing method

thermal transfer and direct thermal printing


direct to Calybra with network cable or via LAN

Print resolution

300 dpi (12 dots/mm)


main existing barcodes


supplied with additional label creation and printing software

calybra printer

Peripheral printer suitable for operators or workstations in production.
It prints a summary of the most important information depending on the workstations and the operator, such as:
– Recipe ingredients
– Daily production program

Label printer mod. TP801 300 dpi

Dimensioni stampante

136 x 254 x175 mm

Larghezza di stampa

max 56.9mm (etichette da 60 mm)

Metodo di stampa

trasferimento termico e stampa termica diretta


diretta a Calybra con cavo di rete o mediante lan

Risoluzione di stampa

300 dpi (12 dots/mm)


principali barcode esistenti


provvista di software aggiuntivo di creazione e stampa etichette