In the article mentioned above, food products may no longer be offered for sale without an indication of the BATCH they belong to.

The BATCH must appear on the label or on the package for prepacked food, or on the packaging or container for non-prepacked food. [The BATCH may only be omitted if the expiry date (or minimum storage period) is expressed at least with the day and the month. Any other dates are no longer acceptable in place of the batch number such as the date of packaging.]

With the Calybra system you can have control of all products that enter the production chain.

Products can be tracked through the attribution of BATCHES to both ingredients and finished products (recipes).

The BATCHES of the ingredients can be entered directly when the system is acquiring the goods coming in from suppliers (transport document).

The system informs the operator (Calybra station) of the BATCHES of the ingredients coming in real time (via web). During the weighing stage, they will be offered to the operator in order of expiry and with an indication of the quantity (stock) available at that time.

The system automatically acquires the production BATCHES of finished products.
In the relevant field, enter a string of encoded text to automatically obtain the finished product BATCH expressed with any alphanumeric code preceded by the letter “L” (production date; AA_Nsett_Gsett; etc.).

In the “Preparation” area, all the desserts prepared as finished products (and semi-finished products) are archived and stored.

In the “search” field simply type in the BATCH of the ingredient in question, to trace the BATCHES of all the desserts in which it was used.

If you use the Calybra Box for tracking you can also track the individual packs of finished product that you have put on the market.

In the “Packaging” area, for each production batch, you can print the label (according to legislation), showing the corresponding alphanumeric code of its BATCH.

From the label it is therefore possible to track the suspect production BATCH and also the BATCHES of all the ingredients used for that specific production BATCH.

Yes, there are updates. They are frequent and always free. You can also update your Calybra device directly from your company remotely (with Calybra connected to the internet).

With the “recalculation” function you can begin making a dessert taking the quantity of any ingredient contained in that recipe as a starting point; just select the ingredient, weigh it and recalculate the recipe. Calybra will automatically calculate the other ingredients to keep the recipe balanced.

It is possible to add extra information that can be seen by the operator during the weighing stage:
– short notes for each ingredient for that specific dessert (e.g. Milk “at room temperature”)
– general procedure for preparing the recipe with the addition of text, titles and multimedia elements (videos and pictures)
– creation of “Stages” of preparation with notes about the procedure to be followed for that particular stage (tasks, decorations, baking, variegated blend, etc.)

There’s no limit.

With the “search” key you can run a quick search

Recipes can be grouped into categories (e.g. Cakes and Pastries; Ice creams etc.) and each category can be divided into subcategories (e.g. Ice creams: Custards; Fruit; Sorbets etc.)

The labels are fully customisable and you can print almost any information in addition to the data required by EU Reg. 1169/2011: a list of ingredients with highlighting of allergens, company data, description of the recipe and any trade name, company logos and those issued by external bodies (Bio and CE), bar codes, production dates, expiry dates, production batches and nutritional values calculated automatically by Calybra. Normally, different label layouts are set according to the actual needs. When printing, you can choose the format you want.

No special knowledge is required for installation. When delivered, the equipment is already programmed according to the customer’s needs and is ready for use. Our technicians do, however, guarantee remote assistance and training for correct system start-up. For more complex systems, we provide installation, start-up and training services at the customer’s premises.

It is a complete workshop management system for tracking ingredients and managing the inventory from the purchase of raw materials through to the sale of the finished product. It interfaces in real time with one or more Calybra devices, controlling everything they produce. It allows you to check the correct production of each recipe by reporting any anomalies. It automatically notifies you when stocks reach their minimum level and allows you to restore optimal stock levels. It automatically produces sales documents for the finished product in the event of sale to “third parties”

Once you have entered a recipe into the system for the first time, Calybra will use the proportions of the ingredients to calculate the quantities of each individual product to be weighed out, using its automatic recalculation function. The recalculation can be done at any time, even after some of the ingredients have already been weighed. Calybra will remember everything that has already been weighed for you and will indicate the quantities to be added for each ingredient.

Calybra comes with a database of about 100 ice cream and cake ingredients and some demonstration recipes.
New ingredients and recipes can be added very easily in three different ways: directly from Calybra using the touch screen, using the Calybra Center software on any computer with a Windows operating system, or via the Calybra Box management system from any device (PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone).

Each system adopts the most appropriate systems to synchronise data from one device to another and, in the case of the Calybra Box, the data is synchronised in real time.

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