What is CalybraBox?

CalybraBox is a management software that expands the potential of the Calybra scale. With our software you will be able to manage your recipes and preparations remotely and from any device thanks to a cloud management software (Calybra Box) synchronized in real time with the scale.

You will be able to manage your data in complete safety from any place and with any Windows or Apple device, Android and iOS Smartphone and Tablet, all the processes and production stages, storage and sales.

CalybraBox is the main operations center to whom all your devices are connected, within which software is installed that allows you to perform any management, control, analysis and printing activity. All information and data are transferred in real time to CalybraCloud (Microsoft Server) service, so that they are available at any time and from anywhere. In case of interruption of the internet connection you will still find all the data stored in your CalybraBox cloud.

CalybraBox Cloud service

The Calybra’s cloud service, using the innovative technology of artificial intelligence and IoT, will help you to manage and to elaborate every type of information, thanks to a software created by Naonix programmers according to an approach dedicated to the needs of laboratories of confectionery and gelato craft, implementable in a personalizable way.

Calybra Cloud

Our cloud uses Microsoft technologies so it can guarantee high security and stability standards. Our customer’s data are always secure and accessible. In addition, thanks to others functions implemented by our programmers, it will be possible to keep the secrecy of your most exclusive recipes.

What can CalybraBox do?

  • Manage the registry of your customers and suppliers
  • Analyze the productions made by each of your Calybra
  • Plan your recipes
  • Consult every single stage of production wherever you are
  • Create, consult and modify the warehouse mouvements
  • Always keep your warehouse stocks under control
  • Generate purchase and delivery documents
  • Statistical consultation of production and consumption of raw materials
  • Quickly add and edit the ingredients of your recipes
  • Automatically obtain labels for finished products in accordance with the law with their nutritional values
  • Printing of fiscal documents and reports in pdf

Simple and intuitive use

In the image above you can see an example of the Calybra main page with all its sections.

The CalybraBox screen is simple and intuitive so that even inexperienced users can use it safely. The user interface will accompany the user step by step in all the various phases.

Manage the registry of your customers and suppliers with CalybraBox

CalybraBox companies management

Add and manage the personal data of your customers and suppliers in an intuitive and immediate way. Thanks to our software, keeping organizational and management aspects under control has never been easier.

Plan your preparation from any device

Thanks to the CalybraBox software it is also possible to plan a preparation:

  • in the Description you can enter the name of the recipe you are going to plan;
  • Expected Quantity, you can enter the quantity of finished product you wish to produce;
  • in the Calybra field you can enter the Calybra scale that will be used for production (if there is more than 1 scale in the laboratory);
  • from the drop-down menu in User you can select the person to whom you want to assign the preparation;
  • on Planned Date select the preparation start date and the relevant time.

Always carry your recipes with you

CalybraBox Cloud

The cloud service allows you to stay constantly updated on the various stages of production and if you want to add notes as well.

Each recipe must be prepared in a particular way and the possibility of customization according to the customer’s needs is one of our strengths.

Documents always available

CalybraBox Documents

The purchase, sale and transport documents will always be just a click away. You can download the pdf of the invoices, see more details and much more.

Directly from the list you will be able to see the invoice date, the company name and the total amount.

It will also be possible to export documents in various formats.


During its use, the software stores a lot of useful information for carrying out reports or analyzes.

You will be able to view quantities and amounts relating to ingredients, recipes and documents. It will also be possible to export this data in various formats.