Shop b2b for pastry shops, ice cream parlours and bakeries

For the users who use the CalybraBox management software is also possible to use, if included in the subscribed plan, the Shop feature.

What is Calybra Shop?

Calybra Shop is a B2B (Business-To-Business) platform created to let your points of sale or resellers to order your products in a direct and simple way.

The platform is accesible from any device, in this way you will be able to monitor and manage your customers’ orders wherever you are.

Entering your items inside the shop is very easy: you just need to go in the appropriate section of our management software, publish the items inside your shop and add related customizations.

Items customizations

To every item corresponds a group of variants that is useful to make the user’s choice much wider. The variants are different and fully adaptable to the products that we are going to add to the shop.

The fields of choice that can be activated are several: from the numeric choice field to the drop-down menu. If you wish, you can also add a precise date and time for each single item. Of course, there are also free text fields where you can enter notes or any additional information.

Calybra Shop b2b platform

All the “variants” that you see below the item are some of the user-configurable options and that are fully customisable.

Keep always under control your orders

The shop feature is very useful as it also simplifies order management thanks to direct communication with the CalybraBox cloud-based management software and to the Calybra scale. Every time that will be carried out an order from the shop, infact, it will also be possible to view it directly in the management system.

In addition to the basic information such as shipping, in the screen just above we can see other information that the system makes available, like for example: from which user (Created By) the order was placed, the Date on which the order was placed, the item Code, the item Description and the Order Quantity that is the quantity ordered for the individual product types.

As soon as the user places an order from the shop, will be possible to visualize from the calendar of the management software the order and, if we click on it, the details of the goods to be processed will be displayed in the management calendar.

Calybra Shop b2b platform

As the software is connected to the Calybra scale, it is also possible to plan the preparations so that the operator will find the recipes to be prepared direcltly on the scale.

The plan recipe feature is helpful to plan the preparation so that the final product be ready by the date of the order.

All the details related to the order could be changed also later.