Pastry management software

Are you the owner of a pastry shop and are you looking for a management software that helps you to better organize your business? Calybra introduces you to CalybraBox, the perfect software to manage the laboratories of pastry shops, ice cream parlors and bakeries that communicates in real time with the Calybra scale.

You’ve probably repeatedly found yourself facing the problems that arise during the management of your business, but almost certainly you haven’t find nothing able to meet your needs. At the moment, in fact, there are present on the market different solutions none of these can be customized according to the needs of the individual. There are fairly standardized and inflexible software suitable to meet the needs of many but not suitable to adapt to the reality of your business.

Each reality has its own needs and the need to have a customizable and flexible management software that is perfectly suited to its needs.

CalybraBox: the innovative complete and essential management software for pastry shop!

CalybraBox is the innovative software, created by experts of the sector with more than 30 years of experience to satisfy the needs of pastry chefs. An innovation that it wasn’t born by chance, but from years of activity and studying, in comparison with the chefs but also with their administrative and organizational managers, and also with those who deal with tax aspects.

Accesible from every browser and from any device, it allows any activity to better manage the production and a lot more… From the insertion of ingredients and recipes for production to the management of purchase/sales documents, customer/supplier data and inventory control.

Access is secure as each user can access the reserved area using their username and their own encrypted password.

The software, loaded on Microsoft servers, guarantees a very high level of stability and security. All the data in the management system are available in the cloud, that is, accessible from any device and from anywhere in the world. This feature will allow you to always keep an eye on your business and constantly monitoring the production.

All your data is keptin full compliance with European privacy regulations. All maintenance and control operations are carried out by us and thanks to the daily backups the user always has the ability to recover their data even in the event of data losses.

Thanks to its great flexibility and customization possibilities, the CalybraBox is not only a management software for pastry shops but it fits perfectly also with needs of ice cream parlors and bakeries.

No more mistakes and waste of time.

The CalybraBox management software processes all production data starting from the order up to the delivery of the finished product. The development has allowed us to create a simple, intuitive and comprehensive system that is a fundamental element of the Calybra® weighing system.

All this means that it will not be necessary to use multiple computers or devices but only a single tool that monitors your laboratory, your staff, your inventory and your sales.

Calybra is able to calculate and show the quantity of each ingredient in real time and, in case of error, automatically recalculates the quantity ensuring a precise dosage.

Calybra scale

The Calybra smart scale can also be used by less experienced operators thanks to a simple and intuitive interface. You can also quicky print legally compliant labels with all ingredients, nutrional values, allergens, weights, production date, batch, expiry date and barcode.

All changes can be easily made directly from the scale or from the management software. The communication between the two systems is in fact bidirectional.

Unlike normal scales which are very limited, Calybra is an intelligent scale that adapts to the needs of its user. The system records in the cloud all recipes, ingredients, and details relating to preparations. It is possible to monitor which operator is carrying out the preparation, the mode (manual weight, hidden weight, step-by-step weight, suspension and resumption of preparation) he is using, the time taken and much more!

Calybra scale

The scale also helps to prevent or possibly correct mistakes during preparation phase. Thanks to features such as recalculation it is possible to proportionally recalculate the recipe starting from any ingredient, plus each preparation can be suspended and resumed at a later time.

Details such as nutritional values and balance parameters, PAC and POD are all managed by the system. No more pen and paper, excel file, but a single system to manage everything.

The interconnection between the management software and the scale also allows access to tax benefits as specified in the National Italian Transition Plan 4.0.