Ice cream parlour management software

Italian artisan confectionery and ice cream is a symbol of excellence in all the world.

With our new generation Calybra weighing system you will be able to express at the best your professionalism to make really the difference! More efficiency, less waste of primary goods, a total check over production and over the costs, ensuring a high and consistent quality standard for your recipes. All of these with a simply and unique machine: Calybra.

On the market are not a lot the software that let to manage in a professional and easy way your ice cream parlour. Our software is born properly to satisfy the needs of this category. We born for italian ice cream parlours and pastry shops and today we have clients all over the world.

Calybra, the smart scale, is the most advanced weighing, dosing and management system for pastry shops, ice cream parlors and artisanal laboratories.

How Calybra works

Our system helps to maintain constant the quality of your recipes and to save a lot of resources, keeping a total control over production…

The system is composed by a smart a scale connected with our management software in cloud CalybraBox. The scale is not just a normal scale but is a scale able to do a lot of differents features more than the simple weighing of the ingredients, like for example:

  • manage ingredients, recipes and users;
  • calculate the balancing parameters and the nutritional values;
  • statistics and report of production;
  • history of preparation;
  • possibility to suspend and resume the recipes;
  • notes of production (preparation phases and recipes description);
  • assisted weighing step-by-step;
  • labels print with list of ingredients according to current European regulations and nutritional values;
  • and much more…

All this data will be integrated directly in the cloud as a management software. At the management is directly connected also Calybra Shop, a platform B2B (Business-To-Business) that let your points of sale to order in a direct and simple way your products.

Both the cloud management software (CalybraBox) and the Calybra Shop are accesible from every device and from every browser. In this way you will be able to moniotr and manage from every places the order of your clients.

Calybra Scale

Calybra ice cream scale

Calybra, the smart scale, is specifically dedicated to meet the operational and quality needs of chefs and pastry chefs.

The Calybra Scale measure the precise dosage of the ingredients, ensuring a consistently high standard of quality for your recipes over time. In case of error during the weighing is possible to recalculate the quantity of each component thanks to the Recaculcation feature.

The scale keep track of the history recipe, that you can update, edit and schedule also remotely allowing innovation to complement tradition. To guard the secrecy of your recipes every operator could log in into the scale only if conscious of the access code.

Calybra can be utilized also by less qualified personnel, each operator is guided sequentially during the weighing of ingredients, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface. With just one step more is also possible to print labels legally compliant labels complete with: ingredients, nutritional values, weights, production date, batch, expiry date and barcode.

CalybraBox: the most complete ice cream parlour software on the market!

The management software for ice cream parlour CalybraBox is connected directly to the Calybra scale. The data exchange system in the cloud is in fact bidirectional and everything we do in the scale is communicated to the management system and vice versa.

You will be able to manage all processes and the various stages of production, storage and sales in complete security from anywhere and with any device. If the internet connection is interrupted, your data will still be stored in your CalybraBox.

Our cloud uses Microsoft technologies to guarantee maximum security and stability. In addition, thanks to additional features implemented by our programmers, it is possible to maintain the secrecy of your most exclusive recipes.

What you can do with CalybraBox?

  • Manage balacing parameters
  • PAC e POD
  • Analyze the preparations made by our Calybra scales
  • Planify your recipes
  • Create, consult and modify stock movements
  • Traceability
  • Generate sales and purchase documents
  • Keep under control warehouse stocks
  • Add and edit rapidly ingredients and recipes
  • Automatically obtain legally compliant labels finished products with their nutritional values
  • Print fiscal documents and pdf report

You will finally be able to manage your ice lab and your business in one click!