Digital scale for bakeries, pastry shops and ice cream parlours

Calybra is the innovative digital scale for bakeries, pastry shops and ice cream shops. Calybra was conceived by a team of experts in different fields and has combined the world of technology and software with the needs of artisan laboratories.

Thanks to our digital scale and to an intuitive user interface, it is possible to weigh all the ingredients of a recipe quickly and easily.

The software of our scale let you to insert and memorize the recipes thanks to an SSD memory. The scale work like a computer and it’s possible to connect it to the internet via wifi or ethernet cable. The operating system used is Windows.


The structure of the scale and the weight plate are made of stainless steel in order to ensure excellent durability and resistance. The column, on the other hand, is made of aluminum.

The Touch display is a glass backlit LCD with a plastic layer that guarantees high resistance without neglecting usability and precision.


Calybra has numerous functions, many more than those of a classic digital and non-digital scale.

In addition to the most common functions such as autozero and tare, the scale also offers the following possibilities:

  • Manage ingredients, recipes and users
  • Manage the log of preparations
  • Provides detailed production statistics and printouts
  • Ability to suspend and resume recipes
  • Calculate the balance parameters and nutritional values
  • Production notes (stages of preparation and product description)
  • Packaging of the final product
  • Print labels with ingredient list and nutritional values according to current European Regulations

Cloud software

To make the most of Calybra, you can add the CalybraBox service. The CalybraBox software is a management software that allows the user to manage and monitor ingredients, recipes and preparations from any device and from anywhere in the world, you just need an internet connection.

With the cloud service your scale will always be synchronized with your management software and in this way you can always follow your production and your warehouse even from afar.

To make this possible all of this, we use powerful Microsoft technologies that allow us to guarantee security and stability for our customers.

More details about Calybra

Why choose our digital laboratory scale for bakeries, pastry shops and ice cream shops?

In the international market an innovative laboratory scale for bakeries, pasticcerie e gelaterie is not present yet. For the first time, Calybra brings innovation to this sector as well and provides companies in the field with the opportunity to take a step towards digital.

Currently no one offers a valid alternative to Calybra which is a unique product of its kind; an intelligent scale that is not limited to the usual functions but that is able to offer valid support throughout the production process and beyond.