Calybra weighing system

  • Management of ingredients, recipes and users
  • Management of desserts log
  • Detailed production statistics and printouts
  • Percentage weighing to ensure recipes remain confidential
  • Suspension and resumption of recipes
  • Function to recalculate the recipe from any ingredient
  • Calculation of balancing parameters and nutritional values
  • Production notes (procedure) and notes for each individual ingredient in the recipe
  • Step-by-step assisted weighing
  • Finished product packaging function
  • Printing of labels with ingredient list (EU Reg. 1169/2011) and nutritional values (optional)

Recipe selection


Container weight


List of ingredients

Calybra bilancia digitale per gelaterie e pasticcerie

Quantity of ingredient

Calybra allows accurate measuring of ingredients, ensuring that the quality of recipes remains constant over time.

Calybra smart scales are designed specifically to meet the needs of pastry chefs and ice-cream makers. Calybra optimises preparation times, keeps track of the recipe log and stores recipes, allowing innovation to preserve tradition. You can also set an access code to ensure your desserts remain confidential.

Calybra, all in one

With their sophisticated, intuitive, built-in software, Calybra smart scales allow you to manage your workshop accurately and comprehensively with a single tool. You will not need to have other computers or external devices connected to your scales, which means space and working time are also optimised.

100% control

each operator is guided through all the weighing stages

100% quality

the quality standards of the recipes are guaranteed
with Calybra

Calybra smart scales can also be used by less skilled staff as they can provide a step-by-step guide through the weighing process via a simple, intuitive video interface which can also recalculate the recipe from any ingredient, thereby ensuring that quality standards remain constant for all your creations.

Technical details


Italian, German, Spanish, English, French


18/10 stainless steel, aluminium column

Touch Panel

10.4″ touch screen


WiFi, USB 2.0, LAN, serial, Power 19V


1,00 g

Vesa version plate

30 x 30   40 x 40   60 x 60  80 x 80 cm

Column version plate

30 x 30 cm


     30           60           150          300 Kg

Power supply

100-240V        50-60V


CalybraBox: management device and software
CalybraLabel: label printer
CalybraReader: handheld scanner for reading barcodes

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Main functions

Restricted access using PIN

The first function designed to make Calybra functional and innovative is that of restricted access using a PIN.  This function is designed to keep our recipes confidential and to customise the user profile. Each employee can access and use the functions by pressing the Access to the Calybra weighing system key. This takes you to the administrator/user screen where you can key in the five-digit PIN on the touch keypad. The default PIN to access the Calybra system as administrator is 12345 which you can change after first access. A few seconds after entering the PIN, you will see the underlying screen that relates to the main menu. With this customised function you can create different work profiles, each one with different levels of access to Calybra’s functions. Employees will be able to have limited use of the functions and therefore only use the operating part of the scales. They will not be able to see the Recipes for the ice cream and the relative quantities used. Immediately afterwards we can start the work and preparation process. The next screen will ask us to put the ice cream bucket in place. Once positioned on the ergonomic plate, it will show our tare. This is still working automatically, and without our making any calculations or the bucket slipping, allows us to be more accurate in our weighing.

Language can be set for each user

Setting the language for each user is another function designed to make work easier for each employee. Ice cream has its origins in Italy but is well-known all over the world, thanks to the expertise and passion of people who have made a business out of it beyond the borders of their native country. We wanted to facilitate the work of all users, by installing the option to choose your native language in Calybra. All the menu items are then translated into the most commonly requested languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. This function can also be set up for other languages without any particular problems.

Management of users and permitted functions

Managers can enable the use of functions depending on the operator’s experience; for each operator they can set whether, during the weighing stage, the weight will be displayed or only the progress indicator as a percentage to keep the recipe “confidential”. This function also allows managers to protect any new recipes that they are trying out to create new flavours of ice cream. We have analysed various functions and one of these is essential for the ice cream to turn out well: the function that prevents you from finishing off a recipe if one of the ingredients has not been weighed correctly within the margin of tolerance. This brings a significant advantage, because we can identify the error and adjust the ingredients during preparation and not once the product is completed. Thus avoiding the whole lot having to be binned. Employees who work with us are often starting out and preparing ice cream is a job that you learn by trial and error. Helping our employees is indispensable. For this reason, Calybra can also be used by less experienced staff thanks to the simple, intuitive video interface. Users are guided through each production stage and Calybra corrects any measuring errors, recalculating the parameters from the original recipe.

Recipe compilation

Adding ingredients and recipes or modifying others is the main function of Calybra scales. All the recipes produced are stored in Calybra with the details of the ingredients weighed; for each recipe produced the date and time of the start and end of production, the name of the operator, the quantity expected and the quantity actually weighed for each ingredient and the production batch number, if any, are stored. With this system we can adjust and modify the quantity of ingredients in each individual recipe at any time, helping us to meet our customers’ tastes. It is an excellent tool for experimenting with new flavours and combinations, recording all the procedures and allowing you to correct the recipe at any time. Going back to the production batch number is very useful if there are any disputes; the recipe can be fully tracked, meaning we can go back to who produced it, the amount of ingredients used and, especially, what kind of ingredients we used. Calybra Center allows you to manage your recipe book in electronic format; you can add ingredients and recipes and carry out checks and draw up statistics on items produced using Calybra. Calybra Center is a very useful tool because we can view monthly statistics of how much ice cream per flavour is prepared. Based on this, it will then be easy to adjust for what is produced in future. All data entered and/or edited can be transferred back to Calybra via a data import function. The parameters to calculate the balancing data and the total cost of the recipes can be set for each ingredient.