Calybra Cloud

calybra cloud

Always connected…
This expands Calybra’s potential, synchronising all information with the data on your cloud via the CalybraBox or with a direct connection (with external modem).
You can securely manage all processes and the stages of production, storage and sales from anywhere at all and with any Windows PC/Apple device or Android/iOS smartphone/tablet.
The Calybra Cloud contains artificial intelligence that helps you easily and intuitively manage and process all information, thanks to software developed by Naonix’s programmers according to an approach that’s purely dedicated to the needs of the world of craft cakes and ice creams, and can be expanded as you want to personalise it.

Web Server Calybra Box

CalybraBox is the operations centre all your devices are connected to, installed with software that allows you to perform any management, control, analysis and printing task. All information and data are transferred in real time to CalybraCloud, so that they are available at any time and from any place. If your internet connection is lost, you can still find all the data stored on your CalybraBox.

Device dimensions

125x125x30H mm


local network via cable or wireless

Compatible devices

any device with browser (smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac)

Features of the software

Ingredients, recipes and statistics management.
Management of ingredients and finished products with batch tracking, expiry dates and stock control.
Immediate issuing of sales documents and invoices directly from portable terminals equipped with a barcode reader.
Customers and suppliers archive, price lists that can be differentiated by VAT rates, currencies, users and permits, which can be set by the customer.
Printing and automatic emailing of tax documents and reports in PDF format.