Naonix… think smart, create smart!

Naonix is the company that designed and produced Calybra, the most advanced weighing, dosing and management system for pastry shops, ice-cream parlours and craft workshops.

Naonix was born in 2012 thanks to the hard work of a team made up of experts in various fields: software and coding, business management and organization, weighing systems and technologies for the pastry and ice cream sector, both on-site and in cloud. The combination between passion and skills is our strength.

They have concentrated needs, practical requirements, organisational aspirations and objectives for development and growth into a tool for everyday use, Calybra smart scales, with functions that incorporate a set of simple, intuitive-to-use tools and software that “talk” to each other to make production more fluid and efficient. In short, it’s “smarter”.

In collaboration with the Pordenone Technology Park, Naonix has joined the “Industry 4.0 Ready to Go” project to take up on and offer the major opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution.

Naonix distributes and offers support for all its products through a network of dealers worldwide.