Calybra Label: product labeling and traceability

Do you need a printer that supports you during the product packaging stage? Do you need to print custom labels to apply on your products?

Calybra Label is the label printer that communicates directly with the Calybra Scale and the CalybraBox, and that allow you to print production, packaging and any other type of labels customizable according to your needs.

Label definition and general requirements

The food labeling is defined as the combination of guidelines, trademarks, images or symbols which refer to the food product and which appear directly on the packaging or on a label affixed to it or on the closure devices or on signs, rings or bands tied to the product itself or on the accompanying documents of the food product.

By means of the label, the producer conveys essential information on the products (net quantity, expiry date, methods of storage and usage, etc.), as well as information that, although if it is not essential, is considered useful (nutritional labeling, details on the packaging recycling, etc.).

The label is considered to be “any trademark, sign, image or other graphic representation written, printed, branded, embossed or imprinted on the packaging or container of a food or that accompanying such packaging or container. “

The information on the label must be written in a language that is easily understood by consumers in the country where the food is marketed, for example in Italian if the food is marketed in Italy. With Calybra you can choose between various languages and print the label in 10 different languages.

The information on food doesn’t lead the consumer about its characteristics (ex. composition, origin, etc.) even suggesting the presence of particular characteristics when they are actually common to similar foods, and does not give properties suitable for preventing, treating or cure a disease.

Mandatory labeling information for prepacked, non-prepacked and in-administration food:

As you can see, there are many factors to consider and it is not always easy to comply with all the requirements imposed by law.

Technical details Calybra Label mod. RT230

Here are the details of the Calybra Label RT230 label printer:

What is Calybra Label and what it is used for

Calybra Label mod. RT230 300 dpi is an ideal label printer for packaging finished products. Innovative from all points of view, it has thermal transfer technology and a high performance 32bit processor.

This type of printer can be connected directly to all Calybra services, including the management software, and it is possible to print the adhesive labels with all the information regarding:

  • Ingredients list
  • Allergens list
  • Nutrition facts table
  • Batch
  • Company logo
  • Barcode
  • Expiry date

All the layout can be customized (standard size 58×74) and appropriate according to everyone’s needs.

In the image above an example of label (basic layout) printed by Calybra Label. In the headline you can see the logo of the company, immediately below the ingredients list, the barcode, the nutritional facts table and at the end details such as net weight, product expiry date, date of production and in the footer the company information (company name, website, country…). All these information are customizable according to the customers needs.

All this obviously can be useful for many reasons. One of the many conveniences could be to combine the production process with that of packaging in a simple and automatic way.


Consumer awareness is increasing and food traceability is no longer just a guarantee for those who buy and consume food products, but also an opportunity for producers to tell the seriousness and history that distinguishes them. A way to know and understand the steps that a food goes through, from the field where it is born, to the plate on which it is served.

The EU regulations and the various national and regional laws require the manufacturer of confectionery products to track all the ingredients that are used.

Calybra Label takes care also of this. Custom labels can be printed with the company logo, the type of ingredient, the reference batch, the production date, the barcode, the list of ingredients and a table with all the nutritional values. The production date must then be shown on each product in order to associate the completed form with the product over time. All this is done automatically by our system which strictly respects the regulations in force on the subject (EU Regulation 1169/2011).

All the information that you consider important and want to print on the label will be produced following the current legislation.